DIPC FundFront Dipsea 2022-08-31
Annualised return 6.3%
Avg monthly return 0.5%
Positive months 93%

Dipsea Capital manages a tactical relative value trading strategy in short-dated U.S. equity options and momentum stocks. Their adaptive, liquid strategy is designed for consistency through both rising and declining volatility regimes. The portfolio is built to consistently capture market and single-name risk premia extremes at a high risk-adjusted rate of return. Gross exposure and the decision to be net long or short are actively managed with total flexibility. Positions are optimized for both directionality (delta) and volatility (vega). Positions in stocks are used to create additional upside convexity. Portfolio risk is managed using tight risk limits with real-time sensitivities to potential market moves. When the primary markets are closed, the portfolio is hedged for the risk of an outsized market open gap. Tail-risk hedges are consistently maintained. Ongoing market research using machine learning optimizes Dipsea’s proprietary models which enable a positive skew to trade timing and security selection. The team’s floor trading background provides an ideal complement to the trading signals, with discretionary management conducted according to preset protocols.

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