HACO FundFront Haven Cove 2022-09-30
993.31 -0.0%
Annualised return 6.2%
Avg monthly return 0.5%
Positive months 76%

Haven Cove is a specialist in Systematic European Liquid Credit & Equity Strategies. Haven Cove constructs and trades a variety of uncorrelated alpha capture opportunities that are diversified in opportunity set, repeatable & stable over the long-term, and can be managed within a prescriptive risk control framework. The Credit portfolio systematically targets a structural pricing dislocation in the CDS market, which is most pronounced & persistent in the European Investment Grade space (actuarial vs market spread). The core strategy isolates this in a manner that optimizes return (carry & theta), and minimises default risk & spread volatility. Instruments used are liquid European CDS index, as well as options over the index and tranches. The Equity portfolio consists of technical, quantamental and asymmetric systematic strategies which are designed to generate returns that are uncorrelated & additive to the Credit portfolio without adding marginal volatility. Signal generation uses both technical and fundamental datasets and includes event-filtering to ensure asymmetric situations are included alongside a more diversified, statistically driven, EU long/short portfolio.

Open Ended